Right up to the point where the blinking cursor awaited my wisdom, I had plenty to say which would surely be of great interest to at least a dozen avid blog readers. In theory, I still do. I’ll get to it. However, my fear of pointless blogging sent me off on a mission, which happily yielded many fabulous bibliophile blogs (duly to appear in my blogroll). Popular on many of these was the 1% Challenge – a fabulous idea in which one commits to reading, between 1 May 2008 and some date in the future which I’ve promptly forgotten but which is presumably about a year away, 1% of the books on the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list published by Peter Boxall. I’ve been enamoured of Boxall’s book for some time now, and I’m very keen on the challenge, despite having very little time to read. then, oh joy of joys, I found Arukiyomi’s wonderful Excel document. The entire list, filterable by author PLUS the ability to note the books you have already read and have them automatically tallied and shown as a percentage. Plus a guesstimate of the average number of books you’ll have to read annually if you’re to finish the list before you die.

I merrily filled out the little blocks and scored a happy 15.98%. This, I gather from several blogger comments, is not at all bad. I feel I should have a merit badge or something. Now, it’s highly unlikely I will actually complete the list in my lifetime, since there are several titles on it that I have tried and found, shall we say, not to my taste. But I plan to have a damn good go at it.

I would list all the titles I’ve read already, but that’s 160 books and it would make for a dull post. Instead, just for fun, I will create a whole extra page with the list, where you can read it if you really want.

I could really get into this reading challenge thing. I’ll keep you posted.