I have spent a good portion of today playing an online multiplayer game that I am rapidly becoming addicted to. Now, this is strange for a couple of reasons. It’s strange mostly because I really don’t like games, and don’t play them much and certainly don’t play multiplayer games. It’s also strange because mostly I just did what I usually do… I cruised around looking for interesting stuff, information, good research pages and so on. I checked my facebook account and chatted to my mom for a bit. I also lit lanterns, swooped through portals and picked up a whole stash of loot from crates left conveniently on some of my favourite sites. It’s been a blast.

The Passively Multiplayer Online Game is not for you kids on dial-up (sorry mom), or for anyone nervous of being distracted by some new and awesome web page. It’s an online adventure where you score points by trawling the web and helping others to do the same. You can also make friends, chat and all the other usual stuff. It’s played by means of a Firefox add-on (sorry Gareth) that puts a toolbar on your browser and tracks your web activity. Sounds a bit anti-privacy you say? Well, yes, and that’s why I was careful to read the Privacy Policy and a couple of reviews before trying it out. Explicitly, the game will not track your visits to https (secure) sites, like banking sites. Additionally, you can turn your gaming on and off to allow you to visit ‘untracked’ sites. And there are a couple of other great privacy options, including easily being able to erase your profile and data if you decide you’ve just had enough.

Because the game is essentially generated by the players, the more players there are the more fun it’ll become. At least, that’s my thinking. So give it a whirl, and tell me what you think.