I wish I could blog about happy things. Today is the first day of the new school term. My kids are pleased to be back at school and seeing their friends. It’s a beautiful day. My life is good. I have an awesome family, amazing friends, things to do and see and read, a warm bed at night, food in the kitchen. For three nights I have dreamed of cold, hungry, frightened people trying to stay safe in a public park in the middle of winter. It’s Durban, so they’re lucky – it could be a lot colder and a lot wetter. Isn’t that a good thing? Yeah, irony is harder to get across in writing. I want to scream. What do we do? What do we do next? I checked over the weekend and we got a lot of press last Friday and Saturday. All the major newspapers covered the story of the refugees being attacked by security gaurds at City Hall, and then being moved out to Albert Park. We called people, we begged people to help. We shouted, we blogged, we posted videos on Youtube. The people are still in the park. They’re still cold and hungry and frightened. There is still no next step. I want to cry. 120 people. So few, and there is nothing we can do to help. What could we possibly do to change the way things are?

I searched this morning for hope. I want to know that the world can change, that my country can change, that we can care more for the people who need us. I want to know that we will not let poor people die quietly of hunger and disease and plain sorrow. I want to know how to do these things and I can’t find the answers.

This is a depressing post. I am depressed. I am lacking in hope. Don’t mind me. Give change to the kid at the robot. Tip the carguard. If you have the courage, shout and write and make a scene. There are ways to change the world. There must be.