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I don’t know what’s better, the mere fact of the existence of this marvellous sounding, marvellous looking bookstore or that Jeff Vandermeer has made this wonderful rambling little piece about getting lost in it. I could think of nothing more fun than spending a day (or two) lost in these stacked and packed shelves.


Two lovely how-tos to inspire me today. If only I had the time and the energy to work on all these projects I’m madly bookmarking. With several paying projects on the go at the moment and the household at a very busy time of year, I just can’t find a moment to make pretty things. Even though I know perfectly well if I could just take one day for making rather than reading, typing and meetings I’d feel a whole lot more energised. Still, these two are definitely bookmarked for that elusive day when I get to just play….

Make your own underwear with Cal Patch on CraftStylish. Amy Karol of Angry Chicken has long inspired me with her ohsocute handmade undie sets, and I’ve been looking for an easy how-to. Well, here it is.

Love Cal Patchs cute photo too.

Love Cal Patch's cute photo too.

And then, I just can’t resist these gorgeous Chiffon Flowers by Calamity Kim. I need about ten, at least, to adorn my winter outfits…

Blooms to Wear by Calamity Kim

Blooms to Wear by Calamity Kim

But right now I have to go and collect my crazy Jack Russell, who has wandered off yet again and been picked up by a kind stranger and deposited at a local vets. We can’t figure out how he keeps getting out, but since he can jump about five feet and is determined to go and visit every other Jack Russell in the neighbourhood, it seems he’s unstoppable. Sigh.

My fabulous sister-in-law has finally got around to starting a blog for her Jane the Clerk range of beautiful clothes. None of her clothing is pictured yet, but her gorgeous range of African-styled cravats is there, and she’s promising a tutorial (I can’t wait to see it, but I’ll probably still buy hers, since she’s incredibly stylish and chooses the most beautiful fabrics). Her musings on clothes, life and, most importantly, the perfect red lipstick are well-written, funny and interesting. So go on over and take a look. And buy her stuff!

From Living Creatively

Creative Projects – Living Creatively.

A friend is in town and has agreed to play mule. So this week I’m making an annual bag for my friend Wendy (long promised, and now long overdue), and I thought I’d make a little something for my friend Ashley while I’m about it. I’m liking this one – mainly because it’s quick and I’m an impatient kinda girl – but also because it’s a nice shape. Only, I’ve bought the fabric I want to use and it’s a fat quarter so maybe it won’t be enough…

So maybe I’ll do this one instead …

From My Spare Time

Or this one …

From Three Bears

This one uses more fabric than I have, but it’s soooo cute I think I’ll have to make one anyway …

From Elizabeth at Oh Fransson for Sew, Mama, Sew WE DON’T WANT ADS, WE WANT ART.

I had to press this for several reasons. Firstly, and mostly, because it’s just a wonderful thing that this group of people did. Secondly because this lovely blogger took time to find out what the whole story was, and take lots of pics to go with it. Thirdly, because the art that replaced the ads is fun and varied and even sometimes really good.

doe-c-doe: thursday = embroidery.

Oh me oh my. This is just a beautiful thing. Hand-designed, cut and embroidered, this is the most one-of-a-kind it gets. And I want one! It’s people like doe-c-doe who make me want to make things. And she’s one of those who is incredibly generous in sharing her ideas, projects and patterns. Thank you for this marvellous project, which has brightened up my day!

Lavender and Limes: Craft Time: Name Flags.

Just what I was looking for to make my best friends’ baby shower gorgeously cute. So easy and quick, but strong and long-lasting.

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