Public Ad Campaign.

Jordan Seiler is the guy behind Public Ad Campaign, the fantastic project that produced NYSAT on 25th April. The PAC blog explains their mission and talks about the various projects. As public space becomes more and more one big billboard, I’m so glad there are people out there fighting it, often at personal risk – see Jordan’s latest post regarding the artists who chose to reveal their participation in the April 25 project and face prosecution as a result.

So, go check out the blog. If you’re Stateside, get involved. If you’re out there in the world, get inspired. Let’s talk more about how corporates are, often illegally, taking over public space, and about how to let them know that We Don’t Like It.

Advertisements WE DON’T WANT ADS, WE WANT ART.

I had to press this for several reasons. Firstly, and mostly, because it’s just a wonderful thing that this group of people did. Secondly because this lovely blogger took time to find out what the whole story was, and take lots of pics to go with it. Thirdly, because the art that replaced the ads is fun and varied and even sometimes really good.