What have I been up to lately. April is whizzing by in a daze of chocolate, parties, dinners, drinks, more chocolate, school holidays and, yes, more chocolate. I have indeed made a few things this month. I made some bibs and a kitty softy for a new member of the family (the very beautiful daughter of an old friend and his equally beautiful wife), but I was in such a rush to get them finished and pack in time to get to the airport, I forgot to take photos. The bibs were great fun to make, though, so expect to see some here soon.

I’ve made another annual bag, trying to get the thing right. I made a Barbie annual bag for my daughter. I still haven’t got that base right though, and my husband tells me it’s too flimsy. So it’s back to the drawing board with that.

The most fun I had this month was going shopping at the Durban SPCA bookshop and then at the Alexandra Park market in Pietermaritzburg. Look at these gorgeous books I found:

Gorgeous vintage children's books from Alexandra Market

Gorgeous vintage children's books from Alexandra Market


The New York Review Children’s Collection. Don’t they look like wonderful books? I don’t know if I can hold off but I’m not allowed to spend any money until August. It’s a long wait…