glitter, vinyl and thread.: the recent embroidery drama.

Hmmm, Amy’s got an interesting take on the Sublime Stitching/Urban Threads issue and I must say she’s got me thinking. I still think the designs are a little too close to Jenny’s for comfort, and I disagree with Amy that there’s only so many ways to do this kind of design – the pose is ridiculously similar for one. But I agree with her that it’s kind of weird that we haven’t heard any public statements from Jenny about this. It’s all been a bit strangely handled, frankly. But I’m not in the know, or part of the blogging/crafting community really, and all I can say is I still think Urban Threads ripped off Jenny’s designs. That doesn’t make them evil, and in some ways it’s a compliment, but I see a lot of instances while trawling the web, and even in stores, where it’s obvious a company or individual has totally ripped off someone else’s design. And it’s annoying. Ripoffs can be cool, but they should, I feel, be acknowledged, and they definitely shouldn’t be sold as your own designs.

On Supernaturale I found what appears to be Jenny’s original mail that Amy refers to. It seems pretty straightforward…